Activitat realitzada dins l'àrea d'anglès a Cicle Superior durant el curs 2015-2016
Halloween a l'aula d'Anglès
The hair a CM

Here we are singing the song Can I have some..., please? a very funny food song.

Aprenem English
Let's talk about clothes in the English classroom

Children learn English through speaking and listening

And they also have fun !!!

Aprenem jugant a l'aula d'anglès
Per veure la minipel·li, clica'm.
The boys and girls from 6th level went to help children from 4 to 5 years old to celebrate a very funny Easter Egg Hunt.
They were dressed in Easter bunny masks.
A l'aula d'anglès treballem amb Cicle Superior els Jocs Florals dedicats enguany a l'artista i mestre JOSEP MARIA BRULL.