AGUSTÍ CENTELLES I Ossó(1909-1985) been born in València (Spain), when he was a year old moved with his family to Barcelona.

1925 he began in the photography working by a newspaper: The Graphical day, where he published his firsts photos.

W was one of the first photographers who used the camera Leica in Spain. It began to collaborate with some newspapers: The Publicity, the Opinion, the Boulevard, the Humanity and the Avantguardia among others.

The 18 of July 1936, risking their life, Agustí Centelles took photos on the streets of Barcelona, the first images of the defeat of the facist military.

He worked for the Comissariat of Propaganda of the Catalan Goverment. He followed the popular milicies of the republica to the front of Aragón. He will be the witness of the fall of Teruel.

Days before the fall of Barcelona in 1939, he took refuge in France, carring a suitcase with more than 4.000 negatives. Prisoner in a concentration camp in France continued donating test of the situation of the Spanish refugees.

Forced to leeave France (1944) persecuted by the Gestapo. He entrusted his archives to a farmer of the region of Carcassonne. He will be able to recover his negatives up to 36 years in 1977 when the Spanish state acquits it and it returns him his letter from press.

His work is then recognized. In 1984 receives the price: National Prize of Photography by the Ministry of Culture of Spain.

The 1st of December 1985 he died in Barcelona.