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gThere's a guard fighting in Barcelona. He shoots against the insurrecters that began the fight 19th July 1936. He is Ramon Baucel, one of the Generalitat de Catalunya Guard.


TThis photo was take during the bombing in the city of Lleida. We can see a pain woman, who cries for her husband dead, in 2nd November 1937.


it's another photography about the Lleida's bombing 2nd November 1937. It's now again a pain woman suffering for her dead son.



A republican fighter in the Frente de Aragón.


Republican fighter, member of the Red and Black Column, when he go to the Aragó Front 28th July 1936. His wife and son say goodby. It isn't a sad farewell, his family show us that all must fight against the fascism.


The Milicias going to Zaragoza to conquer the city. This photo show us that the pohotographer, Augustí Centelles, follow the soldiers everywere to report what happend during the fight.


Chindren in Barcelona playing or performing a war. The photo shows how the chindren imitate the adults. He concider the war a play and make an execution.


Grup del Front Popular after a vitorious attack at the Main Militar Quartel in Barcelona, 19th july 1936.


Woman as a fighter. The women participated with the Milicias.



Fighting on the streets