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2. Horaris de visita curs 2016-17      Tornar a l'índex        Aquesta informació es publicarà a principis d'octubre.



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4. Enllaços d'interés      Tornar a l'índex

Escuelas Oficiales de Idiomas  - The site  for all the students learning a language in our schools. You'll find chats, links for students, noticeboards etc.

My agony aunt webquest - This webquest is a cooperative project where students are exposed to authentic material in order to write request and advice letters.

Dave Sperling's ESL Cafe - The site for learners and teachers of English as a Foreign Language.

The Internet TESL Journal - Activities for students and teachers (self-study quizzes, crossword puzzles, treasure hunts, etc.) and more.

Guide to Grammar and Writing - This site has a lot of language work at the sentence, paragraph and text level. There are complete grammar explanations and interactive exercises and quizzes which evaluate your understanding of the language.

Soon On-line Magazine - A grab bag of different articles and stories which aren't too difficult for low intermediate students.

E L Easton - Excellent source of links to all kinds of materials - self-study  materials for students and more.

ELT Spectrum -  The Oxford English Dictionary's magazine where you can find articles, worksheets and free on-line  dictionary.

Learning English with the BBC - Articles, quizzes, listenings and more.

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