Computers in the English Class

This project was developed for a group of 4th ESO students.  We used it in the English class.  The project consists of four units. 
  • The introduction unit is an introduction to different computer tools.  It is thought to help students to use a word processor (Word), send and receive electronic mail,  and create web pages.  If you are an absolute beginner, you'll probably need some help from your teacher.
  • The first unit is about Europe.  We start learning about the European Union (EU), its oficial languages, its new common currency, and the new Europeans, those who come from other countries, who speak other languages, the immigrants.
  • The second unit is about our environment, and how we can contribute to preserve it.  We focus on recycling, particularly everyday waste, and on the alternative energies.
  • The third unit is about all those art works that we see in our cities or towns, buildings and sculptures that form the urban landscape.
You don't need to have a very high level of English to do the project. I hope you find the project useful, that you like it, and that it helps you enjoy the English class. 

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Basic computer skills
Europe and Europeans
Caring for our planet
Art in the streets