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Je vois la vie en rose...

Posted on Sunday, December 18, 2005 at 6:49 PM by Anna Aznar

Many times – too many, actually- I have heard from too many people that I spend a lot of time – too much, actually- on preparing activities for my students. Too many times, too many people have looked at me sceptically when I have preached about the great opportunity Internet provides us : a huge window upon the entire world. Many times – too many – my mum has insisted on me not “wasting” my time on my work. Too many times… too many words… too many doubts… too many “too many”’s…

I once decided to listen to Jordi Jordan when he was spreading wonderful news for the tiny world we live in : with just one click we could travel in time, to any place, to any mind… And in just one second my mouth was open-wide at the wonders I could see and hear just by looking into one screen. Then… it all started.

Again…too many nights working on a simple, single activity; too many butterflies in my stomach when carrying out any activity with my students for the first time ; and too many things to do for such a tiny “me”.

And, sometimes, once in while in a whole life , there comes a reward : On the 8th December , in Paris, the city of lights, of love, of an unbearable cold… we were given a prize. Daring Reporters won the first prize in the Elearning Awards…. And Daring Reporters is our childJordi’s and mine…for we have spent most of our time insisting on the need of making the future a present, using ICT as an everyday tool , as a new pencil with which to imagine , design and write …anything you can dream of.

Daring Reporters by Anna Aznar and Jordi Jordan first prize in the Elearning Awards

Professor Derrick de Kerckhove, Director of the McLuhan programme at the University of Toronto and President of the jury for the Elearning Awards , said:

“I love Daring Reporters for its wonderful design values, but also because of its community focus on the student participation and teacher collaboration. It also has the strong pedagogical value of engaging with present issues and reality, thematic exploration, film criticism and so much more.”

It is then, when people from different countries in the world recognise your work, that you know you are on the right track. It is then that you don’t care about the “too many nights, too many hours correcting too many websites from too many students”. It is then that you recall many students who have walked the path with you, learning as you learnt . It is then when you remember the sweet smiles from some students who also valued your effort , even if you fell when trying to make the first steps on such a difficult road. It is then that you thank them for their silence when you made a mistake , or for their sincere message of gratitude if you tried to show them a different view from which to regard something.

It is then when I thank Jordi for leading me there … for his unconditional help , his wholehearted support and his unbreakable faith in what he believes in. It is then when all these“too-many”’s are erased from my mind… Because so many new worlds are already waiting for us !!