Recursos  gràfics
Fotoperiodisme, fotografia històrica, pòsters, il·lustracions, dibuixos ...

    a. Fotoperiodisme
  1. Robert Capa
  2. Agustí Centelles
  3. Imágenes de la guerra civil: Robert Capa, Agustí Centelles, Kati Horna, Jalón Ángel ...
  4. Magnum Photos  
  5. The Great Photographers
  6. National Press Photographers Association Digital Gallery
  7. New York Times arxiu fotogràfic 
  8. World Press Photo
  9. Requiem: the Digital Journalist
  10. War Photography
  11. Masters of Photography

  12. b. Fotografia històrica
  13. Historical Picture Collections · Enllaços
  14. American Photography: a Century of Images
  15. American Memory: Historical Collections
  16. Migrant workers: els anys de la Gran Depressió 
  17. WWW-VL: Imatges d'Història
  18. History of Photography · Horus's World Wide Web Links to History Resources
  19. Voice of the Shuttle:  Photography Page · Web Page for Humanities Research
  20. Biblioteca Ambrosiana (University of Notre Dame)
  21. Archim: Archives nationales à Paris
  22. Mémoire: Base de dades de fotografia del patrimoni francès
  23. Collection Hachedé: documents photographiques historiques
  24. Images de la France d'autrefois: 80 000 cartes postales
  25. Gallica : Bibliothèque national de France
  26. Une banque d'images:  illustrer cours et webs en histoire-géo
  27. La BIPS : une banque de photographies
  28. Les expositions universelles de Paris (1867-1937)
  29. Une riche photothèque sur le siège de Paris en 1870
  30. DScriptorium (Archive of Manuscript Images)
  31. Illuminated Manuscript Images from the Bodleian Library
  32. ANU Art History Top Level
  33. Art-History-related images 
  34. Corbis Picture Experience 
  35. Digital Image Center (Renaissance and Baroque Architecture) 
  36. Eastman Kodak 
  37. Ecolab Gopher 
  38. Icon Browser
  39. Símbols º
  40. Images for Teaching 
  41. Images of History 
  42. Images of My War 
  43. Infoserver: Architecture and Sculpture 
  44. ISAAC Graphics 
  45. Joconde database
  46. The Chairman Smiles: Posters from the former Soviet Union, Cuba and China *
  47. The History of Costume by Braun (1880), Illustrations
  48. 1000 Illuminations from the The Age of King Charles V
  49. Powers of Persuasion - Poster Art from World War II
  50. Old Postcard Views
  51. Postcard Home Pages
  52. On-Line Exhibitions 
  53. Pattern Land! 
  54. Pilot European Image Processing Archive: Home Page 
  55. Sandro Botticelli Image directory 
  56. Schaetze aus der WLB 
  57. Treasures Digitisation Project 
  58. UUtrecht, Image Retrieval and Information System 
  59. World Art Treasures 
  60. WWW Cyberview 3d Document Generator
  61. Antiquity Online
  62. American Memor, A Library of Congress 
  63. Art Museum Image Consortium (AMICO)
  64. Marxisme
  65. Japanese Old Photographs, Bakumatsu-Meiji Period (1860-1899)
  66. Lincoln/net: Abraham Lincoln Historical Digitization Project
  67. The Marx/Engels Internet Archive
  68. Northwestern University Library's WWII Poster Collection
  69. Online Images from the History of Medicine
  70. Treasures of Europe's National Libraries
  71. Fotos segles I a XVIII *
  72. The Colosseum, Flavian Amphitheatre
  73. Pictorial History of the United Nations 1945-1995
  74. Uncle Sam Image Gallery
  75. Spanish Civil War 1935-39 Images
  76. NASA-JSC Digital Image Collection and Historical Archive
  77. AeroNet: The Aircraft Photograph Virtual Gallery
  78. Aviation Image Archives
  79. Zeppelin Library Archive
  80. Zeppelin: The Home Page
  81. The Louisville & Nashville Railroad Historical Society 
  82. Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum 
  83. Allen R. Shade Photograph Collection, Ohio Historical Society 
  84. Early Motion Pictures 1897-1916 from American Memory
  85. Norfolk and Western Historical Images
  86. The History of the First Locomotives
  87. Africa Archive
  88. America from the Great Depression to World War II
  89. America's First Look into the Camera , daguerreotype portraits, 1839-1864
  90. Art de Voir , photos from World Fair in Paris, 1889.
  91. California Views , 900 photographers from the 1880-1990's.
  92. Chicago Murder Sites , 1951
  93. China: Exploring the Interior 1903-1904
  94. FDR Online - photographs from The Great Depression and WWII eras.
  95. Florida State Archives Photographic Collection
  96. G.I. Jones Photographic Archive - Nigerian art and masquerade taken in the 1930s
  97. Immigration: 1900-1920
  98. Japanese Old Photographs in Bakumatsu-meiji Period
  99. Museum of Remembrances
  100. New York Public Library Photography Collection
  101. Photographs from the Golden Age of Jazz
  102. L'art i el pensament al llarg de temps: Mèdia
  103. Aircraft Fotoimages: A century of aviation history
  104. Selected Civil War Photographs
  105. Stereoscopic Visions of War and Empire , the Spanish-American and Philippine-American wars.
  106. Touring Turn-of-the-Century America, 1880-1920 
  107. Western History Photos , Colorado and the American West
  108. Indis d'Amèrica del Nord
  109. Dryden Research Aircraft Photo Archive (over 500 Historical Images)
  110. American Special Collections
  111. American Special Collections: 1880-1920
  112. American Special Collections: Format Photographs
  113. Armagh Observatory Historical Photographs (Ireland)
  114. Canadian West Autochromes, 1909-1928
  115. Carl Van Vechten Photographs Home Page
  116. Castles of Wales (approx. 100 photos)
  117. China - TAM Square Massacre Photos (CND InfoBase Pictures)
  118. Classical Composers - Picture Gallery
  119. Columbia University History Photographs
  120. Ellis Island - Network Exhibitions - UCR/CMP
  121. George Eastman House Intern. Museum of Photography and Film
  122. Hiroshima and Nagasaki Exhibition - One World Gallery
  123. Historic San Diego / Photo Exhibitions
  124. Historical Newspaper postcards
  125. Still and Motion Photography, Television) NMPFT
  126. History of Medicine Images
  127. Immigration, Ellis Island
  128. Louis Reens-Photo Essays
  129. Lumbering in Michigan, 1869-1900
  130. Manuscript Iconography, Bodleian Library WWW Server
  131. Mediterranean Basin - Architecture and Art Images (16,000 images)
  132. National Stereoscopic Association
  133. Norfolk and Western Railway Historical Photograph Collection
  134. Northern Light Gallery: Danish Photo History
  135. Oriental Institute Museum (Univ. of Chicago)
  136. Oxford photographs
  137. Stock Historical Images - fee What's New at Image Club
  138. United Nations Pictorial History
  139. VietNam Pictures Archive at SunSite
  140. V K Photo Dance Archives
  141. World War I Photographs
  142. WWI Another Look
  143. Light Factory Photographic Arts Center
  144. New York City Public Library : Manhattan Bridge]
  145. New York City Public Library : Changing New York 1935-1938
  146. New York City Public Library : Building of Empire State Building
  147. Aviation Image Archives
  148. Photographic Resources on the Web
  149. Postcard Link Directory
  150. California Historical Society/General Information 
  151. Damage photographs from the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake 
  152. Earliest Australian Photograph: State Library of New South Wales 
  153. Fixing Shadows 
  154. Forgotten Marriage 
  155. New York Public Library Photography Collection 
  156. Northwest Imagery - Title Page 
  157. Oregon State Univ. Archives - Historical Holdings - Photographs 
  158. Photograph Archives, Univ. Utah 
  159. Photographs of Historical Mining Operations in Colorado & Utah 
  160. Samples of Philippine Historical Photographs 
  161. Selected Civil War Photographs Home Page 
  162. UCR/California Museum of Photography - Fall 1996 
  163. William L. Clements Library Photographic Collection
  164. American Memory Project
  165. California Views
  166. City Gallery · 19th century photography
  167. The Daguerreian Society
  168. Digital Daguerreian Archive · 1839-1860
  169. Focus on Photography - History of Photography
  170. History of Photography · from its beginnings till the 1920s
  171. Photography's Beginnings: a Visual History · from c.1839 through World War I
  172. Thumbnail Sketch in Utah History
  173. World War I: Another View
  174. California Museum of Photography
  175. The Miriam & Ira D. Wallach Division of Art, Prints and Photographs
  176. Photography Masterpieces · Los Angeles County Museum of Art

  177. c. Història de la fotografia
  178. Biografias
  179. Fixing Shadows - Still Photos of Historic Interest
  180. History of Photography, by Robert Leggat
  181. Mathew Brady
  182. George Eastman
  183. Edwin Herbert Land
  184. The Art of Holding Still 
  185. The Photographers and Photographs of the Farm Security Administration (FSA) 
  186. H-GIG History of Photography 
  187. Mathew Brady 
  188. Center for Creative Photography Research Archives 
  189. The Daguerreotype: The Daguerreian Society Homepage 
  190. The Fratelli Alinari Museum of the History of Photography 
  191. The International Museum of Photography · George Eastman House 
  192. History of Photography (from Bob's Photo Page) 
  193. A History of Photography, by Robert Leggat 
  194. National Museum of Photography, Film & Television (UK) 
  195. Visual Collections at the Indiana Historical Society 
  196. The Photographic Historical Society of Canada 
  197. Photography's Beginnings: A Visual History 
  198. The Royal Photographic Society 
  199. Still Taking Pictures: Brady, the Grand Old Man 
  200. Recent History of Photography 
  201. History of Photography in Denmark 
  202. Bingham Camera Collection at the Univ. of California at Riverside 
  203. The Digitial Daguerreian Archive 
  204. Histories of Photography, etc. 
  205. Daguerreotypes: 19th Century Photographs 
  206. Histories of Photography

  207. d. Imatges d'Història: diverses
  208. Art History Resources on the web: Prints and Photography
  209. Nasa Photo Gallery
  210. Images of the past gallery
  211. The American Museum of Photography
  212. Daguerreotype Portraits and Views, 1839-1864
  213. Le citoyen et l'image
  214. National Library of Australia
  215. A Brief History of Aerial Photography in Canada
  216. A Memorial to the French Children of the Holocaust
  217. Air Raid Pearl Harbor - A Photographic History
  218. Airships
  219. American Museum of Photography
  220. American Photographic Historical Society
  221. Aviation Innovator
  222. California Views
  223. CASA Museum of Photography
  224. Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum
  225. Chicago Photographic Collectors Society
  226. Civil War Photography
  227. Crossing the Frontier
  228. Fixing Shadows: Still Photography
  230. History of Nikon
  231. International Directory of Photography Historians Homepage
  232. JFK Photo History
  233. Maine Antique Photographica Gallery
  234. Military Memories
  235. Nineteenth Century Japanese Photography
  236. Norfolk & Western Railway Historical Images
  237. Online Photography Collections
  238. Photographic History of Buffalo Central Terminal (1929-Present)
  239. Photographing History: Fred J. Maroon and the Nixon Years
  240. Photography and Genealogy
  241. PhotoGuide Japan/PhotoHistory 1646 - 1945
  242. Postwar Photos of Ehime, Japan
  243. Remembering Nagasaki
  244. Seapix
  245. Selected Civil War Photographs Home Page
  246. The Airplane - A Virtual Museum
  247. The American Indian Occupation of Alcatraz Island
  248. The Blackburn Buccaneer Homepage inc other Military Aircraft Photographs: Aviation Military RAF
  249. The Civil War Sun Picture Tax
  250. The Social Construction of the American Daguerreotype Portrait
  251. The Wizard of Photography
  252. Victorian Magic Lanterns
  253. Vintage Seaplanes
  254. Walker Evens Revolutionizes Documentary Photography
  255. Washington and Old Dominion Railroad - A Photographic History
  256. Western History Galleries
  257. Willie Anne Wright - Pinhole Photographs - Civil War Redux Portfolio
  258. Yesterday's Tractors - Photo Gallery
  259. Library of Congress American Memory Collections
  260. American Memory exhibits, Library of Congress 
  261. NAIL index, to National Archives collections
  262. National Archives Exhibits
  263. Smithsonian Photographic Services Home Page
  264. National Portrait Gallery
  265. Smithsonian National,  Museum of American History Virtual Exhibits
  266. Opening Screen, Gallery of the Open Frontier
  267. California Cornerstones
  268. Search for photos from the Digital Library SunSITE 
  269. Library of Virginia Digital Collections
  270. Black Star Photo Agency 60th Anniversary Exhibit Subject Index
  271. American Prints
  272. Sights and Sounds of History from Jim Kaelin
  273. Museum of the City of New York
  274. Pacific Coast Chapter of R&LHS photos of Southern Pacific
  275. CalTech PhotoNet
  276. National Press Photographers Association Digital Gallery
  277. Nerd World: Photography
  278. The Pulitzer Prizes
  279. MOPA Exhibicions: Museum of Photographic Arts
  280. MOPA Col·leccions permanents
  281. Nerd World: Photography 
  282. PhotoForum
  283. The Pulitzer Prizes 
  284. World Press Photo 
  285. Photographers Who Have Something to Say
  286. Quotes from the Masters
  287. History of Photography 
  288. Secrets from the Dark Chamber: Daguerreotype
  289. This Day in Life 
  290. Timeline of Photography 
  291. LIFE Magazine 
  292. California Museum of Photography 
  293. George Eastman House, International Museum of Photography and Film 
  294. The Royal Photographic Society
  295. Imatges d'Egipte
  296. Liens Image de l'Académie de Dijon
  297. Banque d'images 
  298. Le bazar des icônes
  299. Smarties Graphics Page
  300. Art Images for College Teaching
  301. ArtServe  The Australian National University
  302. NASA's Image collection
  303. The Korean War. Photograhs
  304. Truman
  305. 360º Panoramics
  306. ANU Art History Top Level Menu Page
  307. Art-History-related images
  308. Corbis Picture Experience
  309. Digital Image Center Image Collections (Renaissance and Baroque Architecture) 
  310. Eastman Kodak 
  311. Ecolab Gopher 
  312. Icon Browser: PisaU
  313. Images for Teaching
  314. Images of History
  315. Images of My War
  316. Infoserver: Architecture and Sculpture
  317. ISAAC Graphics Interface to ISAAC
  318. JOCONDE database
  319. Les Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry
  320. Old Postcard Views
  321. On-Line Exhibitions
  322. Pattern Land!
  323. Pilot European Image Processing Archive
  324. Sandro Botticelli Image directory
  325. Schaetze aus der WLB
  326. Treasures Digitisation Project
  327. UUtrecht, Image Retrieval and Information System
  328. World Art Treasures
  329. WWW Cyberview 3d Document Generator
  330. e. Paper Toys: maquetes

  331. Alfa Romeo
    American Flags
    American School Bus
    Angkor Wat
    Apache Helicopter
    Big Ben
    Bill Gate's House
    Bogg's Bill
    British Double-Decker Bus
    Brooklyn Bridge
    Bruce Lee Paper Doll
    Cartoon Car
    Chanukah Menorah
    Christmas Tree
    Christmas Santa
    Chrysler Building
    Chrysler PT Cruiser
    Dale Earnhardt NASCAR #3
    Dino Card
    Dubai Clock Tower
    Eiffel Tower
    Electric Vehicle
    Empire State Building
    Ferrari Testerossa
    Formula One Race Car
    Gift Box For Dads
    Gift Box For Moms
    Great Pyramid
    Harley Davidson Motorcycle
    Jackup Oil Rig
    Jimi Hendrix Guitar
    Lincoln Continental
    London Taxi
    King's Crown
    Mercedes CLK
    Mercedes 320 SL
    Mount Rushmore
    Nash Metropolitan
    Nativity Scene
    Neuschwanstein Castle
    New Volkswagon
    Old Volkswagon
    Paper Doll
    Party Hat
    Party Bugle
    Patriotic Emblems
    Pop-Up Card: Bird
    Porsche 911
    Queen's Crown
    Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
    Space Shuttle
    Statue of Liberty
    Stealth Aircraft
    Sydney Opera House
    Taj Mahal
    Thanksgiving Turkey
    Tyrannosaurus Rex
    U.S. Capitol Building
    White House
    World Trade Center Complex
    World Trade Center Memorial
    Wrigley Field

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