Brooklyn College Core Curriculum:
The Shaping of the Modern World

  1. Welcome to the Virtual Course
  2. The Roots of Western Culture
  3. The Ancien Regime: Absolutism and the Modern State
  4. Constitutionalism and Roots of Modern Political Thought
  5. The Scientific Revolution: Copernicus to Newton
  6. The Enlightenment
  7. The American Revolution: An Enlightenment Project?
  8. The French Revolution: Liberalism and Radicalism
  9. The Industrial Revolution
  10. The Conservative Order Transformed
  11. The Liberal Tradition
  12. The Nationalist Dream
  13. The Socialist Analysis
  14. The Imperial Project
  15. World War I and Cultural Anxiety
  16. The Soviet Experiment 1918-1989
  17. World War II and the End of Empire
  18. Post War Themes: 1945-1989

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