Have you realised how many things you have done? Great job!!!! You have been able to turn a simple blog into a webzine! A webzine of your own with text, pictures and videos! And you have even defended your project! Well done, reporter!


While working so hard you have shown your capacity to work in groups and autonomously, you have developed your critical thinking and your reading, writing, listening and oral skills, and you have improved your ICT skills.


Last but not least, you have now a better knowledge of these four countries: South Africa, Ireland, India and Australia, and you are well prepared not to lose track of the aspects that interested you the mostů what was the name of that musician you liked...?


Which country you would like to know something about now? Canada? The USA? New Zealand??? You are ready to search the web and find what you are looking for!


And if you enjoyed this experience so much, why not sharing it with other students? You could tell your teacher that you want to present you Webzine to other classes of English!

Come on, you are not shy anymore, are you?