Gap-fill exercise

Hi boys and girls! Here you've got a short story about Robin Hood. There are some gaps that you have to fill in. If you click on the tower you could listen to the story. Good luck.


The sheriff of Nottingham is a tax collector. He lives in a big in the middle of England. He's very rich and very .

Everyday he goes out collecting taxes from all the people. He collects house-tax if you in a house. He collects horse-tax if you have a . He collects children-tax and even dog-tax! He takes from everybody! The people are very . They are very unhappy. There is only one person who can rescue them: Robin Hood.

Robin hood steals the money from the sheriff and returns to the poor. The people are again. Robin Hood is not happy. He is in love with a beautiful called Lady Marian. But Lady lives in Nottingham Castle and the sherif is also in love with her. The sheriff doesn't like Robin Hood. He wants Robin Hood to taking his money. He wants Robin Hod to stop visiting lady Marian. The sheriff has an . He organises an archery competition so that he can catch Robin Hood and put him into . But Robin Hood is very . He goes to the competition but with all the sheriff's money!