When you arrive at the airport, you can look at the departures board which shows the flight numbers (BA735), departure times (0840) and destinations (Venice).



Flights and Fares

  • Direct flight
  • Scheduled (regular) flight
  • Charter flight (a special flight taking a group of people, usually to the same holiday destination).
  • Connecting flight
  • Apex fares normally have to be booked a fixed number of days in advance and they offer value for money.
  • Budget fares are usually cheaper but may have restrictions (you can only travel on certain days) and are usually non-refundable or if you cancel, you may have to pay a cancellation fee.
  • Stopover (you may stay somewhere overnight before continuing to your destination).


Check-In Desk

At the check-in desk they weigh your luggage. Usually you can take about 20 kilos. If it is more, you may have to pay excess baggage (you pay extra). They also check your ticket and give you a boarding card for the plane with your seat number.





Passport Control

  • Your passport, please
  • Here's my passport
  • I'll be staying ... (a few days, a week, I don't know yet, etc.)
  • I'm here on holiday / business
  • I'm just passsing through








Departure Lounge

Once you have gone through the passport control you go into the departure lounge. Here you can buy things in the duty-free shops. About half an hour before take-off, you go to a gate number where you wait before you get on / board the plane.








On a Plane

When you board the plane, you find your seat. If you have hand luggage, you can put it under your seat or in the overhead locker above your seat.

The cabin crew (people who look after passengers) are both men (stewards) and women (stewardesses). They are also called flight attendants.






When the plane lands (arrives on the ground), you have to wait for it to stop. When the doors are open, you get off the plane and walk through the terminal building and go to the baggage reclaim




Baggage Reclaim

  • That's my bag / suitcase
  • There's one piece missing
  • Where are the baggase trolleys?
  • Excuse me, one of my cases hasn't arrived


Once you have your baggage, you go through customs: GREEN (nothing to declare) or RED (goods to declare).
  • Do you have anything to declare?
  • I've nothing to declare.
  • I've a ... (carton of cigarettes, a bottle of whiskey, a bottle of wine, etc.)
  • It's for my personal use
  • Please open this bag
  • You'll have to pay duty on this
  • Do you have any more luggage?