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"Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils."
Hector Berlioz
Wednesday, April 29, 1998
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Happy Birthday to Benjamin!

Happy birthday to Benjamin Sperling, who turns 7 on May 3rd!
The Web Guide is Back!

Dave has finally repaired ESL Cafe's Web Guide, the Net's most comprehensive ESL/EFL search engine.
Sponsor Dave's ESL Cafe!

Because of increasing costs, Dave Sperling has decided to allow Sponsors on many of the pages of the Cafe. Publishers, schools, companies, and organizations can now promote their products and services on one of the world's most popular ESL/EFL Web sites. For more details, please e-mail Dave Sperling at sperling@eslcafe.com.
Meet Dave in New Jersey, Chile, and Bolivia

Dave will be speaking at the NJ-TESOL Conference on May 19-21; the IATEFL Conference in Santiago, Chile on May 23; and the Binational Center in La Paz and Santa Cruz, Bolivia on May 28-30.
ESL Cafe's Hint-of-the-Day is Open!

Thanks to the hard work and creativity of Dennis Oliver, ESL Cafe is happy to announce the grand opening of the Hint-of-the-Day, where students can learn a new hint on how to learn English, including help with grammar, pronunciation, spelling, punctuation, and more!
Dave's New Book is Out!

Dave's latest book, 'Dave Sperling's Internet Guide,' is out and available from Prentice Hall Regents. Order by calling 1-800-947-7700.
Wandering the Web!

Dave's ESL Cafe was recently featured in Christine Meloni's excellent coumn Wandering the Web, published in TESOL Matters.
Games Anyone?

Test out some new ESL Cafe word games! We've got a section for Animals, and a section for Plants.

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