CD-ROM task2

    • topic: Tutankhamen
    • level: 2on cycle ESO
    • material: CD-Rom Ancient Lands
    • aims:
      • To learn how to look for different information in Ancient Lands
      • To learn more about the ancient Egypt and the pharaon Tutankhamen
      • To practise reading, listening and writing in English.



    TASK 1

    click on the mask and listen

    Instructions How much do you know about Tutankhamen??
    Read and listen to answer the questions 


    1. Who was Tutankhamen?
    2. Why is he called the boy king?
    3. How old was he when he became a king?
    4. Did he rule for many years?
    5. Why not?
    6. How old was he when he became a mummy?
    7. Did he lead his armies to many battles?
    8. Who made him so popular around the world?
    TASK 2
    Instructions Who did Tutankhamen marry and why?
    Listen and read to answer the questions
    1. Did pharaons choose their wives?
    2. Who selected pharaons' wives? why?
    3. Who was selected to be Tutankhamen's wife?
    4. The people in the picture above represent a bride and a groom. Who are they?
    5. What are they doing?
    6. What does this scene decorate?
    TASK 3 Pharaon Tutankhamen was not a memorable king, and so his tomb remained forgotten for many centuries. Archaeologist Howard Carter discovered his tomb some decades ago. Why was this discovery so important?
    • Read to know why this discovery was so important.
    • Listen to know more about this great discovery.
    • Listen and see Howard Carter uncovering the misteries of Tutankhamen's tomb (you need the CD Ancient Lands)
    • Now, say if the following sentences are true or false. If false, write the correct version.
    True or false?
    1. Tutankhamen's tomb was discovered in 1998.
    2. Birds and eagles were the signs that led Howard Carter to Tutankhamen's tomb.
    3. The discovery of Tutankhamen's tomb was so important because it allowed a better understanding of ancient Egypt.
    4. Tutankhamen's tomb had been robbed many times, like the tombs of most great kings.
    5. This king had been buried for 5 centuries.
    6. Fruit, clothes and jewlery were some of the objects hidden in Tutankhamen's tomb?


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