"White Death" by Tim Vicary. Chapter 7
Choose the correct answer for each question.

1What time did Anna Harland go to the hotel to visit Stephen?
At half past four
At sixteen, four
At four twenty
At half past eight

2When Anna knocked on the door of Stephen's bedroom, what did Stephen say?
Who are you?
What are you doing here?
What do you want?
Who is it?

3Stephen was very surprised because...
He didn't expect her
It was too late
It was very early
He was having a shower

4Why did Anna go to visit Stephen so early?
Because she couldn't not sleep
Because she needed Stephen's help before Sarah went to court again
Because she wanted to sleep with Stephen
Because she needed to talk to someone.

5Where did Stephen and Sarah meet Hassan?
In England
In London
In Egypt

6Does Stephen love Sarah?
He doesn't know, he says
He says yes, but Anna thinks it is a lie
No, he doesn't
Yes, he is going to marry her

7Why did Stephen go to Australia, the night before Sarah and Hassan came to this country?
To ask Sarah to marry him
To clean his teeth
To put the toothpaste with heroin in Sarah and Hassan's bags
To sell the heroin to Sarah

8Who gave Anna a tube of toothpaste with heroin?
Mr Cheng
a policeman

9Who was waiting behind the door to help Anna in case Stephen attacked her?
Inspector Aziz
The judge
Mr. Cheng

10Did Inspector Aziz kill his girlfriend when she left him for another man?
Yes, he did
Yes, of course
Yes, this is an old story
No, he didn't.