Comprehension questions (solutions) 

 Six more UK farms hit by disease (from CNN, March 1, 2001) 

  1. How many farms have been infected with the livestock disease in the UK? 32 by  now (March 1, 2001) 
  2. Is the disease reaching other countries? Yes, it is reaching other countries, especially the  ones around the UK. 
  3. Which European countries have already stepped up measures to prevent the highly contagious disease reaching their countries? France, Germany, Portugal, The Irish Republic... 
  4. Which animals can be affected by foot-and-mouth disease? animals with cloven hooves such as pigs, sheep and cows. 
  5. Does this disease affect people? No, it doesn't. 
  6. How does the virus travel? The virus can travel miles by air or on clothing or  vehicle tyres. 
  7. What kind of measures do the different governments take to prevent    the foot-and-mouth disease? Vehicles are being disinfected at ports and border crossings and sheep recently brought in from Britain are being slaughtered, some also close livestock markets and others are  installing  disinfectant foot baths at all border posts for passengers arriving from the UK. 
  8. Which measure has introduced Toni Blair to ensure  people observed the no-go status imposed on large tracts of rural Britain?  He has introduced fines of up to £ 5,000 ($7,200). 
  9. Who is Toni Blair? British Prime Minister 
  10. Use a dictionary to define the verbs: 

  11. (Collins Cobuild English Language Dictionary) 
      • to slaughter: to kill animals such as caws and sheep usually for their meat. To  slaughter also means the killing of large number of people in a way that is cruel, unjust or unnecessary. 
      • to douse: to throw a lot of water or other liquid over someone or something. 
      • to cull: to cull animals means to kill the weaker animals in a herd or group in order to reduce their numbers or keep them at a particular level. 

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