Learning English on the net

British Council LearnEnglish
A web page by the British Council. In the teenager and adult levels there are tests similar to those of Cambridge ESL Examinations so that you can check what level you are ready for. If you think phrasal verbs are boring, then go to the Drinks machine on the teenager or adult grammar link and have a good time! There are also links to songs and lyrics, poems, word games, and lots of other stuff!
EnglishLearner.com EnglishLearner.com
In this website you can find useful exercises of several levels: beginner, lower-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced. There are grammar exercises, vocabulary, crosswords, readings and multiple-choice tests.
manythings Interesting Things for ESL Students
In this website there are quizzes, word games (hangman), word puzzles, proverbs, American slang and other study materials. There are also pages with sound (song, poems and pronunciation practice) and Travel Survival Sentences. (All levels)
CASP Computer Assisted Sentence Production
Do you need help with your writings? Then this web page is brilliant! You will find help with writings about: Self Introduction, Food and Drink, Writing a Letter, Favourites and so on. Just write the most important details and the computer will do the rest. (This page is part of "Interesting things for ESL Students" website.)
Englishpage.com Englishpage.com
Great website with exercises about vocabulary, verb tenses, conditionals, modals, prepositions, irregular verbs, and even trivia games. Very recommended for pre-intermediate and over. There are also tutorials (for example, verb tense tutorial)