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EFI Chatroom
English practice

Chat: EFI Chatroom, a web chat for English learners. A not very crowded chat, but quite useful if you just want some English practice.

Men in Black

Men in Black by J.J. Gardner . 'Bugs kill things - aliens and people.' There is a Bug in New York and everyone is in danger! Kay and Jay are the Men in Black - they work for an agency which investigates alien activities on Earth. They must find the Bug quickly - if they don't there will be war ...

Children of WW2

Children of World War 2
A brilliant BBC website with games about life during WW2.
Writers' Corner Writers' Corner
You can submit any written work to Writers' Corner: songs, poems, stories. Send any work written by you or choose any piece of literature you like. Send it to the Webmistress as an attachment. It will be published on this web page.

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