Cambridge University Press
Here you'll find the Cambridge English Readers titles, reviews by students, worksheets and other useful information: availability of worksheets and cassettes, warnings about the possibility of adult material, etc.
  Longman English Language Teaching
The catalogue of Longman Graded Readers. Also check the Companion Websites, with lots of resources for young learners, teenagers, business, grammar and skills, dictionaries and test preparation.
  Macmillan Heinemann
To find the readers catalogue go to the "book list" link, and then to "readers." Visit also the "links" section, where you'll find lots of resources such as the National Geographic, CNN, Guardian Unlimited, The Times and the BBC websites.
  Oxford University Press - USA
The American version of Oxford University Press. On this site there are links to readers, playscripts, factfiles and classic tales. There are also on-line facilities to search any book by title, author and so on. Visit also the ESL home page.
  Penguin Readers
On this website you'll find information about books, resources, dossiers, e-books to read on-line (only some pages), and competitions. Also check other related sites you'll find at the bottom of the page.
Richmond offers the great opportunity to read the books online with Acrobat Reader (that is, in pdf format.) I strongly recommend you to visit the links page, where you will find games, magazines, sites which provide chat and lots of stuff for kids.


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