Tools  Online Translating Dictionaries
In you will find online Collins translating dictionaries in several languages: Spanish, German, Italian and French. You can also download and install these dictionaries for free!
Encarta Encarta on-line
In the Reference link you will be able to look up basic information in the Encarta Encyclopedia, the Dictionary or the Atlas for free! You can also find information through topic links. To look up more specific information, you will have to subscribe to Encarta Online Deluxe. There are also links to Quizzes, Trivia Game, and much more!
University of Texas Maps of the United Kingdom and other European Countries
Maps of the UK and other European countries provided by the University of Texas.
Maps of the United States

Maps of the US provided by the University of Texas. Political, relief, blank maps, history maps, State maps,...
SIL International International Phonetic Association (IPA) Fonts From this web of the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL International) you can download the IPA Fonts for your word processor and the keyboard translation programmes.
Cambridge Cambridge Dictionaries Online
In this website you can look up a word in several Cambridge dictionaries at the same time. There are dictionaries specialised on American English, Idioms and Phrasal Verbs.
Merriam-Webster Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
Here you will be able to look up any word in the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary. There are also links with word games and the word of the day.
Dictionary of Slang Dictionary of Slang
This is a great site for finding out about slang in English speaking countries. It has slang from around the world. There are also other categories as well. There are also language links.
TechEncyclopedia TechEncyclopedia
Here you can look up words related to Information Technology and get a definition.
Encyclopedia Britannica Encyclopędia Britannica Online
Online version of the well-known 32-volume Encyclopędia Britannica. You will have to subscribe, but there is the option of a free trial for 14 days.