The Hat and the Superglue

Listen to a passage from the unabridged Matilda and decide whether the sentences are True or False. Write T for True or F for False in the blanks below. Then, press "Check" to check your answers.

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1.Matilda found his father's hat in the living room.
2.Matilda stood on a stool to reach her father's hat.
3.Her father thought he looked good wearing his hat.
4. After using Superglue Matilda put the hat back .
5. Matilda applied the glue before her father sat down for breakfast.
6. Mr Wormwood put his hat on and left for work as usual.
7. He left his hat on all day.
8. Eventually, he asked his staff to help him take off his hat.
9. By the time Mr Wormwook arrived home, he had managed to take his hat off.