Workshop made into the technology classroom in about 6 sessions by students from elementary school Floresta in Sabadell. They are managing with the use of digital camera and scaner, as well as Internet and different data processing programs about the treatment of the image. They begin their work from their own feelings towards objects and images. They see the image on movement as the bulding up of photograms from an initial image and a final one which has already been modified.

Summary of the process:
1 Catching the image ( Photo, Picture or object) through:
digital camera

2 Treatment of the image with different techniques such as
dotting, mosaic, painting, drawing, colour variety, paper techniques…Using

- Paint Shop Pro
- KidPix
- Morpheus

3 final image: Making the transition, adding a brief text to contextualize it and sharing it with:
Animation shop

Didactic Objectives:
- Using different techniques to obtain different informations related to the social and phisical environment. Using tools and resources from informational technology to store, recover, process and present them.
- Operating with the visual and plastic language elements: line, surface, colour, texture, volume, space, size, proportion, relation, rythm, simetry, mass compesation and movement. Combining all that meaningfully, to reach the point to make a composition.
- Applying the most suitable responses to express with different materials and techniques, according to their own taste and personal style.
- using the verbal, visual and simbolic languages to describe, represent and communicate situations and/ or real or simulated experiences and to interpret them.
-Transform geometrical models to obtain other new ones, keeping some characteristics (perimeter, area, volume, shape...) and varying other ones.

-Knowing the capture tools, image processors, photograms generators and other data processing tools and learning how to share their use.
- Showing an analytic actitude towards the image reading and its influence on the media.
- Encouraging the education on values and the self confidence through the evaluation of their proposals and of their work.
- Expressing observational habits, atention and neatness, as well as showing respect towards their own works and the others.


Are the students from nowdays similar to the ones we had some years ago? Do we teach the same way than years before? Do we have enough resources? Every society changes (no matter if we like that or not) and we are oblied to help our students to gain competence in the enviroment they have to live in. Nowdays, in Catalonia, children spend more hours in front of the television than in our classrooms. We receive a lot of visual information, from advertisements, to videogames or even Internet. But, Do they know how to process that information? From these reflexions, the idea of working about the visual world from inside, was born.and Is there a better way to achieve that than creating new images?
A second reflexion that is also important is: Do we keep in mind their previous learnings? and their feelings?. We organize timetables very often, as well as spaces, tests, materials... but, Can we give freedom for them to explain us their own experiences and feelings without leaving the curriculum behind?Who is supposed to be the protagonist in education: teachers, books, curriculum, students?
The workshop called "alló que + méstimo"(what I love the most) was born from all these reflexions and it was developed in the thecnological classroom in 6 sessions.Students learned to use the digital camera, scaner and internet and different data processing programs about treatment of the image. They were responsible of their own work from their feelings towards objects and images. They saw the image on movement as the buliding up of photograms from an initial image and a final image which had been modified.
"Alló que +m´estimo" has an interdisciplinary character because it deals with verbal, visual, plastic and simbolyc language, the geometrical models, the catching tools, the treatment of the information and communication, the image processors, the photograms generators.... It also works with the education on values, the selfconfidence, the respect towards their own work and the others´with a curiosity, investigation and experimentation attitude.
The elaboration process begins with the capture of the image. Some students choose between objects, pictures, or drawings which are captured through the scaner. Others prefer taking their own pictures and there is also who searchs for ideas on the internet. Pictures of their childhood or even presents they got are materials that help them to identify and get involved on the work they do. Then they treat the image with different techniques with different programs sucha as Paint Shop Pro, Kidpix, or Morpheus. Once they get the final image, they make the transition with the Animation Shop program and they add a brief text to contextualize and share it in the web.
The fact of sharing the work by exposing it in the web makes possible that other people can Know about it and their authors can feel proud of themselves. This web has gained the first Prize in the Primary Education Science Web contest of the Catalonia Generalitat Educative Ordenance General Direction. We invite you to visit our web and to comment with your students the building process and to analyse the emotional contents which are included. You will see that the obtained result is quite open because it gives you space for the use of imagination and creativity.

Written by Jordi Jubany. Translated by Patrícia Ojeda.