Codi Genètic (Genetic Code)
Idioma: Català
Idioma: Español
Language: English
Langue: Français

(c) Josep M. Llort Planchadell 2000, 2003.

"Codi Genètic" is a computer program dessigned to help the molecular genetics teaching and learning in secondary school.

"Codi Genètic" runs under Windows 95 or later. In fact, it has two sub-programs with different activities and objectives:

 The exercices subprogram of "Codi Genètic"



· A sub-program with exercices of replication, transcription and translation.



The translation exercice (Protein Sinthesis)

The Summari Table exercice




· A sub-program-game that allows us to translate synthetic RNA, and “discover" the genetic code, as made Nirenberg, Khorana and Ochoa in the 60s.

The Genetic Code Research sub-program


"Codi Genètic" was published by the "PIE", an organism of the Catalonian government. The program is written in Catalan, but it is possible to use it without knowing this language, specially if you know Italian, French, Spanish or any other Latin language.

The program's help system has more information, including a teacher's guide.

Download the install program of Codi Genètic last version, compressed with Winrar.