Studio-House, Rodríguez-Amat welcomes visiting artists (maximum 2 at any one time) to stay and learn from the master artist for weekly or fortnightly periods, from June to September.

These residential stays are addressed to young artists or other artists wishing to deepen their knowledge of painting or of art in general.

Interested persons should contact the Studio-House, Rodríguez-Amat.


The residency at the Studio-House, Rodríguez-Amat is not the usual artist's residency. It offers an opportunity for the artist to work with the master, Jodi-Rodriruez-Amat, in his studio and to exchange thoughts about concepts, techniques and ideas related to art. He will draw on his experience of more than 50 years working and teaching in the field of art to help the artist consider everything possible in the creative world of art. This program is suitable for artists of any experience level, but both young and well established artists coming to the Studio-House must come with an open mind.

If artists believe they have found their own way in art and they consider that it is a good way, and do not want to consider anything else, then the residency at the foundation is not for them.

Having taught for thirty years in the art world and worked for many more, Rodríguez-Amat found his way a long, long time ago. Nevertheless, he is always considering new possibilities. Of course, it is impossible to always follow new ways. In the end one must decide what works best for you.

Sometimes artists do not think about what they are doing, even as they do their own work.

Rodríguez-Amat do not teach as teachers do in art schools, but he tries to open minds. Sometimes this can be a problem for artists, because they have to think about what they are doing and why. Sometimes it is much easier to just accept what one is doing and not to consider anything else.

This residency is “thought for artists”. Those who want to question “what is art”, and “what can art do” will find creative answers here. It is also possible for artists who have already found their own way to consider new ways. Although one may not accept every possibility, at least, one should know that other possibilities exist and anything is possible. As in life nothing is absolute, in art the same is true.

The master do not have a formula to decide what is and what is not art, there is no formula for art. It is not his intent to try to change the way of an artist. It is his hope that with daily talks on art and about all its possibilities the artist’s mind will open to new ideas and strategies to carry their art practice forward.

Rodríguez-Amat works in the same studio as the resident artists. For one or two hours a day they discuss concepts, ideas and techniques. During their stay, artists may also wish to visit local attractions.

Rodríguez-Amat is fluent in Catalan, Spanish, French, German, English and Mandarin.

Artists coming to the Studio-House have to cook their own food in our well equipped kitchen. There is no shop in the village where the foundation is situated, so we help the artists to go to the next village for shopping.

The price of a weekly residency is 1000 Euros. As well artists have to take into account art materials and food.

You can fly into either the Barcelona airport or the Girona airport. The one is about 120 km. from the village where the foundation is situated, the other about 60 km. From either location it is very easy to reach the foundation by train. Renting a car is another possibility. Mapquest or a GPS are useful to help you find your way.

Interested artists should contact the Studio-House, Rodríguez-Amat.


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