This page has been thought for 3rd E.S.O. but it could perfectly fit 4th E.SO. students. There are two main aspects required, the first one is motivation and the second one is their English level. If these conditions are fullfilled your students may enjoy their work at the same time they are learning in a different way (surfing the internet, discussing in English their proposals whenever it is possible, writing and drawing, ...).


The teacher must become an observer. The teacher should only help and lead students if it is strictily necessary, for example:


In the development of this project our students develop at least three basic skills in language acquisition reading, writing and speaking. Firstly, they read while the surf the internet which is funnier than reading in class. Secondly, they write while they prepare their brochure. And thirdly, they have to speak in English when they explain their project to the School Board. However, they do these tasks without a feeling of rejection because they are preparing their own end of school trip and they are highly motivated, what is really difficult in a classroom context.

First session:

1. Introduction and getting to know the Webquest

2. Group discussion and distribution of tasks


Second session:

1. Surf the net and start searching information


Sessions 3, 4 & 5:

1. Select the information and decide with your group which the best option is.

2. If you don't reach an agreement search for more information

3. Start deciding the design of your brochure.

4. Start the draft of your brochure


Sixth session:

Show and explain your projects to the Board.