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Discovering mandalas with Valvanera
free models to coloring: entertainment for the leisure and the free time of the first, second and third age people.

Hi, thanks for the visit.

One Mandala a day, this is the “diet” that I recommend to give a  pleasing and enriching sense to part of your time.

Little by little, you will be finding here models so that you can print them in your  house and give color them (the one of the model or the one that  you desire).

I wish that you enjoy this activity, at least as much as I do, which,  even after to have colored already more of 200 mandalas, I am  wanting more.

Those mandlas mainly has been made on the basis of the free models in black and white which my family found in diverse sites of Internet, these sites are indicated in the front page of the PDF files that contain the models.

Perhaps also you could help other people to fill its time with  something interesting, speaking to them of this Web, or even  printing directly some models of mandalas to them.

If you, or your friends, decide to take the pencils, please send me pictures of people coloring mandalas, like this, we will be cheering ones to the others.



( Note : yes, this is poor english, sorry, corrections will be welcome )