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Sure you've heard about a famous writer called William Shakespeare lots and lots of times but what do you really know about him?



Now here you've got a guide to discover this playwright -his life, plays and the theatre he made famous: The Globe.





You need:



Paper or notebook

Pencil and rubber

A computer

The Internet

A cooperative friend


You must:

Answer correctly all the questions in the quiz by using the links provided beneath each grup of questions
Put them down on paper with a text processor, print them and deliver to your teacher by April 23rd
Then you get:
PA↑ at English Written Comprehension 6th grade
You can:
Decorate your assignment with appropriate pictures, maps, photographs (always in a less-is-more way!)
Include some extra work

Then you get:

VG↑↑↑ at English Written Comprehension 6th grade plus a VG↑↑↑ at Interest and Attitude in English

Lots of fun!!!

William Shakespeare

1. When was he born?
2. Where was he born?
3. Who was Shakespeare's wife?
4. How many children did they have?
5. When did he die?
6. Why is the World Book Day celebrated on April 23rd -except for the UK and Ireland?

The Globe
6. What is The Globe?
7. When was The Globe built?
8. What happened to the theatre in 1.613?
9. Name three other theatres in London in 16th century.
Shakespeare's works

10. Name three of Shakespeare's comedies.

11. Name three of Shakespeare's tragedies.

12. Name three of Shakespeare's histories.
13. What where the names of King Lear's daughters?



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