Bits and pieces
Famous birthdays
If you want to know who was born on your birthday
Age finder
It tells you how many days you have lived
Lots and lots of fan club addresses
Planet Perplex
A website full of optical illusions
The guide to all things fashion
Web Monkey
A fun way to build websites
Listen to music on the radio
Create a character, make it talk and add it to your personal webpage/blog
Musearts cartoons
Watch cartoons
The Simpsons
The official site
The Simpson's House
Visit a reconstruction of the Simpson's house in Springfield, Nevada
Mr Bean
His official site
The Daily Humorscope
Funny horoscopes. Find out your secret superhero identity of the day
Thousands of clean jokes, funny pictures, cartoons, funny audio, funny videos, and more
Profession jokes
A joke for each job
A study skills resource site