Learning Vocabulary can be Fun
A variety of word games
Practice your grammar, spelling, vocabulary and reading while you play.

Game zone at English for everybody
Grammar and vocabulary games, some of which you can download

Word mania
Games, trivia quizzes, hangman and word searches for ESL students
Play games online or link them to your blog
The big challenge
The first European English contest for schools
Cool Quiz
Quizzes, puzzles and jokes
Games Zone
English Language Games that you can play online
Word games at East of the web
Web Games City
A wide collection of word games, some of which can be played online with other people
Kid Brain Games
Word, math, logic and memory games
Brain food
Word games, logic problems and riddles
Trivia quizzes classified into many categories
20 questions
Think of an object and the program will try to guess it in a maximum of 20 questions.
A karaoke where you sing, record and send to friends
Toy Theatre
Art, math and music activities and games
Historic tale construction kit
Create your own stories
Hero machine
Create a super hero
Switcheroo Zoo
Make new animals, learn about animals, watch movies, and more
Build your wild self
Combine parts of the body from a human and an animal
Go! animate
Create unique computer animated stories
Create your won comic strips, publish and share them
Create your own comic strips
Create your own comic strip
Create clic-and-drag comics
D.Film movie maker
Create your own film
Zimmer twins
Create animated movies
Flower maker
Create your own flowers
Graffiti creator
Generate your own graffiti styled texts
The art and fashion of Elsa Schiaparelli
Dress up in designer's clothes or design your own
Get the glass!
Help the Adachi family to get a glass of milk
The art of crime detection
Help to identify a criminal
The Mystery Spot
Help to solve the mysteries
Mystery Net
More mysteries to solve
Artificial Intelligence Robot SPEAKS to you
Type a sentence and the robot will answer
Sphinx kids
Learn about classical music and play games
Colour some pictures online
Create your character and become a member of the community
Another chat where you create you character
Chat and draw
Habbo Hotel
A chat in a hotel.

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