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Shakespeare in education
The complete works of William Shakespeare
The full text of the Bard's works
Jane Austen Information Page
Everything you ned to know about the author and her books
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Book reviews and games
Spark notes
Free online study guides of the classics of literature
Educational supplement for better understanding of classic and
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Free online literature and study guides
Funny children's poems and poetry books
Poem hunter
Thousands of poems and song lyrics
Language timeline

Social studies
The Holiday Spot
Learn about the anglosaxon festivities and celebrations
dMarie Time Capsule
To know what happened in the world on a specific date
The British monarchy
The White House
Smart kids
Look at artworks and explore art materials
Timeline of Art History
World history and timelines
The Greeks
Ancient Egypt
The Vikings
The Renaissance connection
World Atlas
All kinds of geography and map information.
Atlapedia Online
Maps, key facts and statistics on countries of the world A-Z.
GeoHive: Global statistics
Geography games
Explore world geography maps, continents, countries, states, capitals
Test your knowledge of world geography
The languages of the world
English-speaking countries
Discover where English is spoken
American folklore

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