1. Print this worksheet
2. Open your browser (Netscape or Explorer) and type the following address in the direction bar:

3. Answer the following questions. When you finish, hand the paper to your teacher.

You're going to research about the Pharaoh Tutankhamun, his importance and his death.

1. Who was Tutankhamun?


2. When did he live?


3. How old was he when he died?


4. What do we know about his death?


5. Who was Howard Carter? Who was Lord Carnarvon? What is their connection with Tutankhamun?


6. Why is Tutankhamun so important?


7. Draw the map of the tomb and say what was found in each of the chambers.
Where are the treasures now?




8. There's a legend about Tutankhamun's curse. Why was a curse invoked in Egyptian times? What facts support the theory that the curse was true?


Núria Brichs