holidays.jpgDialogue: talking about holidays

Write one word in each gap.

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Help" button to get a free letter.
GUADALUPE: Hi, Nati. was your holiday? Did you a good time?
NATI: Yes, . It was fantastic.
GUADALUPE: did you go?
NATI: I to the west of U.S.A my son, my boyfriend and his children.
GUADALUPE: Really? That's interesting. Where you stay?
NATI: We stayed in different hotels, for example "Circus Circus" in Las Vegas.
GUADALUPE: That's exciting. you go to the casinos?
NATI: Yes, I did. All the hotels have a casino.
GUADALUPE: Did you win any money?
NATI: No, I . I didn't put any money into the machines!