A personal description: the actor who plays "el Duque".

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His real name Miguel Ángel Silvestre. is the sexy "Duque" on the famous TV "Sin Tetas no hay Paraíso". This is adaptation of a Colombian TV Series. "El Duque", Rafa, is a rich, good-looking young man who traffiks drugs.

Miguel Angel was born 1982 Castellon. horoscope is Aries. He's 185 cm tall. He play tennis very well and he going to be a physiotherapist, now he is an actor. He studied interpretation, corporal expression, modern dancing acrobacy. He Mister Castellon in 2002.

He uses creams for face and goes jogging day. He also practises boxing surfing between films. He likes his motorbike too. He likes his family much and to have parents near him. He a lot of his time with them.