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1- Florence is the heart of ____________________________________________

2- Famous sons of Florence: __________________________________________

3- You can't miss the _____________________ Galleries, one of the best art museums in the world, the _________________ with the baptistry, the ________________ church and the ___________________.

4- For a great overview (vista) go to Piazza ____________________.

5- The average (mitjana) temperature in June is ________________ grades Celsius. 6- The Florentines have been very busy constructing _______________, ___________ and ______________.

7- Florence is the city of ___________________________.

8- Literature. Write two Florentine writers: ______________ and ______________.

9- _______________ inaugurated the new political science.

10- _____________________ and his school created experimental science.

11- What three sights are best rated ( millor valorades)? Look at the number of stars!

11.1.) __________________________________________

11.2) __________________________________________

11.3) __________________________________________

12- Fill in the gaps with the name of the sights above (adalt).

12.1) ______________________ is surrounded by banks and by terraces.

12.2) In ________________________ you can see "David" by Michelangelo.

12.3) _____________________ is one of the most beautiful examples of the Renaissance culture.

13- Write the name of three different kinds of Italian restaurants:

13.1) __________________________________

13.2) __________________________________

13.3) __________________________________

14- Walk to the Piazza del Duomo to see the heart of Florence- the Duomo known as ____________.

15- Once inside climb the ______________ steps to the top of the cupola and you'll get a magnificient view of the city.

16- Continue to the Piazza della ____________________ where you can see a copy of David.

17- Then take a tour of the Palazzo ________________________________.

18- The most important ____________________ in the city is the Uffizi Gallery which was damaged ( va ser malmès) by a ______________________ in 1993.

19- East of the Uffizi is the Church of Santa Croce which holds the graves (té les tombes) of ______________________________ and _____________________.

20- The Ponte Vecchio crosses the river ____________________. Ponte Vecchio means ________________________ in English.

21- End your tour on the other side of the river at the Piazzale ________________.

22- Write the address of the disco-bar Sottosopra._________________________

23- Write the name of a bar with good music and varied clientele. ______________

24- Write the names for each photograph.


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