A webquest about Madrid


Created by Nati Castillo




You’re going to Madrid with your school in December.  I’d like you to have a good knowledge of this city so that you take profit from your trip there. (menu)


Your task will consist in planning a five-day trip to Madrid. You will work in groups of threes and each student will be in charge of finding some information such as the things to see there -culture-, the things to do - leisure- and advice from previous travellers-opinions.
Use pictures and / or maps of the places you've selected in your project.
The project can be displayed either in Power Point Presentation, in a blog, in a website, in a word document or in a CD-rom.
Include bibliography at the end: list the websites that you have really used for the different parts of your project. (menu)



Each of you will be in charge of a different part of the project:


Part 1 - Culture: famous attractions, museums, excursions from Madrid. Select 10 places.


Part 2- Leisure: entertainment, relax (parks), shopping, nightlife. Select 10 places


Part 3- Opinions: Advice from previous travellers. Opinions from people who have been there. Participate in forums and post a question for British people to answer (you need to have a Yahoo account). Select 10 opinions

  • I'll ask you to show me the information you gathered before you move on to the next step. (end of October)
  • Gather the information you have and shares your findings (your ten top lists).
  • Decide on the information -places, opinions- you're going to include in the 5-day itinerary. Take into account that there must be cultural and leisure activities each day, plus pieces of advice about the places you go to.
  • By mid November you should hand in your first draft -via email or USB drives- to your teacher for her to correct it.
  • There shouldn't be any systematic "copy and paste" work or any Spanish to English translation.
  • By mid December your project should be finished and printed. (menu)


Recommended websites for every part. Read the menu of each site listed.
CULTURE: where to go and what to see


LEISURE: what to do
The person in charge of this part must register in a forum and post some questions, which will later be enclosed in the project.







  • Your report will be evaluated individually and in group. The quality of the project greatly depends on the effort each of you make to find the information for the part you're in charge of and then, in group, be able to agree and take decisions on what and how the information will be displayed in your project..
  • "Cut and Paste" -retallar i enganxar- will be penalized. You should use vocabulary and structures adequate for the level of English at 2nd Batxillerat.
  • Visual presentation will also be evaluated as well as grammatical, spelling correctness and a adequate display of the information.
  • An index of contents and bibliography must be included.





Example: A project about New York

This is a project I did before going on holidays to New York in 2006. I hope it serves as a model for you to help you. Click here to see it.