A webquest about Madrid districts

Course 2007-2008


Created by Nati Castillo




You’re going to Madrid with your school in December.  I’d like you to have a good knowledge of this city so that you take profit from your trip there. (menu)


You will work in groups of threes and decide which four districts of Madrid are most appealing for you to visit during you stay in Madrid and choose the most important sights and activities to see and do in each district of Madrid.

Then, write a project containing information about each district and its sights, with plenty of pictures. You can display your work  in a word document, web page, blog or power point presentation.

You should also include an index and bibliography.



Once you've decided on the districts you're interested in, each of you will be in charge of doing the following tasks for every district of Madrid you're going to work on:
  • Student 1: choose the most important cultural sights -museums, important buildings and squares, etc.(minimum: 4 sights per district).You should write a brief explanation of each sight.
  • Student 2 : choose places and activities to relax from so much walking: parks, tapas bars, discos, shopping, football stadiums, theme parks, cinema, theater,etc. (minimum: 4 activities per district).
You should write a brief explanation of each sight or activity.
  • Student 3: choose at least ten opinions / experiences from previous travellers about the sights in Madrid your classmates have chosen and rewrite them, taking out any personal pronouns like "I" or "we". Use "this traveller thinks that" or phrases of the kind. 
Also, you must post at least two questions in a forum. The answers you get should be included in the final project.
I'll ask each member of the group to show me the information  (end of October) you gathered before you move on to the next step -writing a draft of the project.

By mid November you should hand in your first draft of the project-via email or USB drives- to your teacher for her to correct it.

The draft should contain the following:

    1. The name of the districts you've decided to visit and the reason for your choice.
    2. A brief description of the sights you've chosen for every district  with pieces of advice that student 3 has collected from forums. Advice should be indicated with a special signal or icon (exclamation mark, a small picture of your choice, etc)
    3. Pictures of the sights.
    4. Index of contents.
    5. Bibliography
    6. Names of the students responsible for every part of the project.
There shouldn't be any systematic "copy and paste" work or any Spanish to English translation.
Take into account that the project is not finished until there're no more corrections to be made and the teacher has told you to print it or publish it on the web.

 By mid December your project should be finished and printed.




Recommended websites for every part. Read the menu of each site listed.
Links for Madrid districts:


Links for cultural sights:
Links for leisure sights and activities:
The person in charge of this part must register in a forum and post some questions, which will later be enclosed in the project.
Links for opinions about Madrid from different travellers.
The person in charge of this part must register in a forum and post at least two questions, which will later be enclosed in the project.





This is what you must do to have an excellent mark:

  • You're in contact with the teacher and send her emails with your individual work for her to correct it.
  • You give the work at the appointed dates.
  • There's no just "copy and paste" but a rephrasing of  the sentences, making them adequate for the level of 2n batxillerat.
  • There's a balance of culture / leisure / opinions for each district.
  • There's grammatical, spelling and vocabulary accuracy.
  • The presentation is neat and has an index and bibliography.




Example: A project about New York

This is a project I did before going on holidays to New York in 2006. I hope it serves as a model for you to help you. Click here to see it.
However, this example is done on a day-by-day basis. Remember that you have to change to a district-by-district approach. (menu)