Halloween on the web

Activity 1: presentation of vocabulary (easy)

Activity 2: matching exercise on vocabulary (easy)

Activity 3: make your own monster (ver, very easy!)

Activity 4: match the costume piecture with the word. (very, very easy)

Activity 5: find the things in the dark (elementary)

Activity 6: quiz on Halloween vocabulary and story.

Activity 7: quiz on Halloween. (elementary level)

Activity 8: how to decorate a pumpkin. (pre-intermediate, short)

Activity 9: the xtec Halloween page (elementary)

Activity 10: brief explanation of Halloween with True / False quiz. (high level)

Activity 11: Woodland's School: explanation of Halloween with pictures and short sentence (high level)

Activity 12: video of the history of Halloween (high level)

Activity 13: brief history of Halloween (high level)

Activity 14: ghost stories (high level)