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The Lady in the Lake

Raymond Chandler

Level 2

Penguin Readers, Longman

40 pages

No vocabulary

Comprehension questions



The Lady in the Lake is a murder story. Private detective Philip Marlowe is looking for the wife of Derace Kingsley. Is she dead or not? Is she the lady in the lake?



Romeo and Juliet



Oxford Bookworms


Oxford Universtiy Press

38 pages

Vocabulary in English

Comprehension questions


What's in a name? Does it really matter if you are a Montague or Capulet? When Romeo, a Montague, falls in love with the most beautiful girl he's ever seen, he finds out that it does matter.




Brian Tomlinson

Science Fiction

Cambridge University Press

Science Fiction

48 pages

No vocabulary

No comprehension questions


A spaceship crashes on a strange planet and everyone on it dies- except for one person. She helps the people of the planet to build their own spaceship, and returns home in it. But when she is back home with her own people, the real trouble begins.


The Skating Detective

Ellen Hopkins

4rt ESO

Burlington Books

49 pages

Vocabulary in Spanish

Comprehension questions




Jonah is 16 years old and loves roller-blading. He also wants to impress the new girl from France, Valérie. One day, some expensive computer equipment disappears from school. Jonah's favourite teacher is accused of stealing it, but Jonah is determined to find the real thief. To his surprise, his passion for roller-blading helps him solve the mystery.



The Death of Karen Silkwood

Joyce Hannam

Stage 2

True stories

Oxford University Press

39 pages

Vocabulary in English

Comprehension questions



This is the story of Karen Silkwood. It begins with her death.

Why does the story begin where it should end? What were they afraid of? Why? Karen Silkwood had something to tell us, and she believed it was important. Why didn't she live to tell us? Will we ever know what really happened? The questions go on and on, but there are no answers.

This is a true story. It happened in Oklahoma, USA, where Karen Silkwood lived and worked... and died.