Our Sunny Mediterranean City

The symbol of our land Our dance: The Sardana The Ars Hotel is the most luxurious iin Barcelona XIXth century modernism was very important in Barcelona. Gaudi built Parc Güell. Many skaters go there At Easter an egg "dances" in the Cathedral's cloister There is a famous Picasso's museum in Barcelona Miró is a famous Catalan painter and sculptor. This sculpture is very, very tall. These were also built by Gaudí! They are in a beautiful square near the famous Ramblas Gaudí is a very very important architect in Spain. He started building the Church of Sagrada Familia Sain Jordi's legend is beautiful. It is an important holiday. This is every Catalan's grandad, and the symbol of our football team, F.C. Barcelona This monument is very important for FC. Barcelona supporters Copito de Nieve is our white gorilla. He lives in the zoo. He is very old. Columbus discovered America in 1492. He brought potatoes, tomatoes and chocolate. Back from his firt trip he landed in Barcelona The typical flower in Saint Jordi's day is the rose. Bread with tomatoes is the typical Catalan food. We have it with a glass of wine! The Castellers are human towers made of people of all ages. It is dangerous hobby! Our regional dress This sculpture is called "The woman with the umbrella" . It's in a famous parc called Ciudadela Clarà is another famous sculptor Barcelona's Cathedral We have very old and beautiful trams, but they are not called desire... The Tibidabo is a mountain and a famous themem park A Catalan playing our flute, the flaviol. The lights in Paseo de Gracia, our poshest avenue