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If you have taken part in an extra-ordinary activity, you can inform us of it. Have you got the spirit of a reporter? Send us your comments.


Madrid by Ariadna Rovira 9.5.2010

Second batxillerat is a very stressful year; you have to study a lot, get good marks, study for selectivity exam, and try to enter the degree you want. In addition, this year we have the polemic "exams week". In this week we do nine exams, one for each subject and we have 1hour and 30 minutes for each one. In my opinion, this exams week is horrible and terrible.
Well, that's enough; I don't want to talk about exams because I prefer to talk about the trip that second batxillerat students did from 22nd until 26th of March to Madrid. I went there, and I think that was so interesting.
Travelling to Madrid is one of the most exciting things that we have done in this stressful year. I was really excited about my trip by AVE to Madrid. I had been thinking a lot about it. In that week we visited a lot of things, for example "El Palacio de Oriente", the famous "Plaza Mayor", "El Escorial"… and a lot of museums as ""El Prado" o "Reina Sofía". But one of the most important things that I liked was "El Jardín Botánico" because we saw a lot of beautiful strange flowers from around the world. We visited "El Palacio de Cristal" too; it is an incredible big "Glass Palace" and near it, there is a big lake, where people can canoe.
In this week, we were so tired. We got up every day at 8 o'clock more o less and it was incredible the time we spent walking and looking at monuments, visiting museums, palaces… and all the important things that you have to see if you go to Madrid. We always had breakfast in the guest house, and then we had lunch out, in restaurants, bars or fast foods, it depends on the day. Although, during the day we walked a lot and we were very tired at night we went out too. Unfortunately, the great majority of the discos were for eighteen-year-old people and obviously we couldn't enter.
Lastly, I have to say that it was an amazing trip, it was fantastic, but we walked a lot and the last day we were very tired and we had to do a little work about the travel when we started the classes again.

A visit around Castellbisbal by Cristina Garea 14.2.2010

The last day 25th of November, the students of second post-compulsory education of Social Sciences went around Castellbisbal and Martorell to visit remains of buildings of the 12th century.
At 8 a.m. we went up the bus that left us in Sant Joan de Benviure, a church of the 12th century of which there are some remains. Then, we went to visit a little church of the 12th century too that forms part of a private property that the family has saved until today, Sant Quintí . When we had visited this, we had a half-an-hour break to rest a bit and then we went by bus to Castellví de Rosanes, near Martorell, where we could see the remains of a castle of the low nobility called Castell de Rosanes, but first we had to walk for some minutes along a park.
When we were a little tired, we arrived with the bus to a road. There it left us and we had to walk up along the road until we arrived to a small mountain, where we walked during some 20 minutes to arrive to Sant Genis of Rocafort, a church with a Monastery of which there only remain ruins.
At last, we arrived at school at 3 p.m. very tired, but it was worth it because we had a good time and learnt on the heritage of our village.


Korfball by Irene Figueroa Mimó 26.11.09

Hi students! It's Irene, from second batxillerat.
I'm going to tell you my views of the sport that I practice, korfball, as I think that many of you either don't know well what it is or have a wrong vision of it, because it's a minority sport, however in continuous expansion.

As a result of playing korfball in P.E., you could have some ideas about what it is. But do you really know it?

Well, technically, korfball is a sport played within a rectangular court whereby a team of four female and four male players try to shoot a ball into a korf (basket). It's what you know, but I think that the most important is that the sport's main characteristics encompass all-round skills, cooperative play, controlled physical contact and gender equality. Whenever the word "he" is used it should be understood that this could be "she".

However, playing it you can make a lot of friends and meet a lot of people, Catalan but also from other countries, and I think that is very good, as you can know what people from other countries think about a lot of things, not only of korfball. It helps you be more open minded.

Finally, I have to say that my experience began so great, as in the first year that I played korfball, I could go with the Catalan selection to play in two international cups, the under 16 and the under 23, so I travelled to Schijndel (the Netherlands) and Kaohsiung (Taiwan). Being there you feel so good, that I cannot explain my sensations with words; the feeling of playing for Catalonia, defending it against other countries, listening to the national anthem,… is really special for me and my team, the supporters, and for each Catalan.


Oh! Summer… by Meritxell Anducas 8.11.09

Less than two months away, all of us were on holiday, enjoying the sun in the beach, the mountain or in the swimming pool, and waiting for the best moment of summer: "La Festa Major" o Town Festival.

This year, like everybody knows, there lacked a bit of something… but everyone knows how to organize the party to make it always unforgettable.

In particular, this Town Festival, as I said, hasn't been the best one, but it is necessary to emphasize the speech, performed by the double of Carles Puyol in Crakovia, the advent of circus streets for the fourth consecutive year, the resumption of Download non-polluting vehicles, the novelty of the karaoke, which emerges with a high participatio, the fire run with traditional dance of Capsigranys and the most expected part of the party, the Tractor Sound Transit System, this year, pulling in more than a beach party, named Transit tractor "Formentera" Sound System, which asked that everyone dressed in white and carrying a straw hat, and like last year ended in a foam party.


My 2nd Post-compulsory Education by Sara Cabello 29.10.09

At the moment I'm studying second of post-compulsory education and I would like to explain you a little bit of this experience.
The first year of post-compulsory education is a really difficult course and it means a big change compared to ESO. You can't study the day before an exam and you must pay attention in class. Also, you have more difficult exams with a higher level than the ESO exams.
Now, I see that second of post-compulsory education is more difficult and you have to do more effort. We have a lot of homework and only one exam week, so you have to study some weeks before.
Also, you have to remember the Research Essay, which we must have finished on the 12th of January, and if there are few things, the teachers are reminding us that in June we have the exam for entering university.
It's better not to relax and buck your ideas up, because your future depends on your works. But don't worry about this, If you want, you can do it!


The changes of a new school year by Sergi Bonilla 29.10.09

In September, a new year started for me. Maybe this is the last year at High School, Second of Batxillerat. As the other people I was very nervous and really worried about the new contents that will appear in the Selectivity, because all the students know that this is going to change.

The first day, our new teacher started explaining all the new things that would change this year compared to the last one. First of all he said that we will have a week in November or December to do all the exams. At this moment all the students got extremely angry, because we always did the exams after finishing one or three units, depending on the subject; except in English, which contains all the contents we had done. Then, our teacher explained that this is good for us because we will have all the afternoons free to study, do homework, go out or do different things that we had never had time to do before. With this type of study, the teacher will see who is preparing for the exam during the term. In spite of his explanations, we didn't agree with their decision. So, up to now we haven't done any exam and we are waiting impatiently to know what will happen in these final term exams.

The other aspect of the new Selectivity is not clear yet. The teacher only told us about the exams we will have to do compulsorily and the marks of the optional exams. But we don't know exactly the contents and this is a big problem for us.

In conclusion, the year starts a bit strange for us because we are new in so many things and we don't know how to act. But I hope we will be able to face up all these changes.


A birthday at the IES by Sara Alegre 7.10.09

On 13th May 2008, I was 16. It was a Wednesday and it was one of the best days
of that year.
The day began as any other. I got up at 8 o'clock in the morning to go to
college to begin classes. When I was at college, none of my friends, who
remembered every year my birthday, remembered it so, I
felt a little lonely and sad. But everything changed once we went to the break. My
friends, sang "Happy Birthday" to me and then when I was doing English class,
the concierge at the institute, knocked on the door, called me and
showed me a note from a person, whom I did not expect this surprise from. At first, I
was very scared because I thought I had done something wrong, but then
when I went to the Administration office and I found on that, the surprise was a bouquet
of 16 roses from my boyfriend.
I thought the surprise was over, but when I went back to my class, I saw my
boyfriend with a great gift. I went towards him to kiss and told me that it was for me.
When I opened it I saw it was a giant teddy bear, which I loved.
I spent some time talking with him and then he left. I went back to class fast and
I explained to my classmates, who knew everything from the beginning.
In short, it was one of the best birthdays at school in all my life and I think it will be
difficult to repeat.



At the cinema

The Bourne Identity by Ana Delgado

Last Friday 19th December, 1st year pre-University students from Castellbisbal Secondary School, were able to enjoy a visit to Icaria cinemas in Barcelona.There, we could see an excellent film in English and subtitled in Spanish called The Bourne Identity, directed by Doug Liman.

Jason Bourne, who was the star of the film, played the role of a man who had lost his memory, and is rescued by the crew of an Italian fishing trawler when he was drifting in the sea.He didn't have anything on him, he only had two bullets buried in his leg and a Swiss Bank Account Number that he had stuck on his waist.

He didn't have any identification and he didn't know his past, but he soon found out that he had several extraordinary talents.Confused and disoriented, he starts a fanatic search to find out who he is and why his life has taken a turn so dangerously.The star of the film is Matt Damon (Jason Bourne) who shares the cast whith Franka Potente (Marie Kreutz in the film), Chris Cooper (as Ted Corklin) and Brian Cox (as Abbott ).

We recommend this exciting action film to everyone over 13 years.


The tragedy: Ion by Marcos Rodríguez

Last Tuesday 25th February, 1st and 2nd year pre-University students from Castellbisbal Secondary School, went to a Theatre of Terrasa. There, we could see an a bit awful show in Spanish called Ion, performed by boys and girls about our age.
Ion, who was the star of the show, played the role of a boy in the Ancient Greece time who doesn't know who are his mother or his father. He lives in a type of dome of Apollo. And he lives a few adventures to know who are his mother and is father.
I think that the actors and actresses are good for their age, but the story of Ion is very boring and too foreseeable, when you are seeing the show it is very easy that you get bored.
I don't recommend you this show because it is very boring (it is an opinion, it can be possible that another boy loves the show).