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St Patrick

For the teacher

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    About St Patrick's life About St Patrick's traditions

    1.- When do we celebrate St Patrick's Day?

    2.- What was his name before becoming a priest?

    3.-Who kidnapped him?

    4.- How old was he?

    5.- Where were his parents from?

    6.- What adjective described his personality?

    7.- Translate it.

    8.- What did he use the shamrock for?

    9.- What people did he preach the gospel to?

    10.- Translate shamrock.

    11.- What does the legend say about St Patrick and snakes?

    12.- When did he die?

    13.- Was he successful at winning converts?

    14.- Who arrested him for this reason?


    1.- What colour do people wear?

    2.- The green colour is connected to three facts.

    3.- What is Ireland's nickname?

    4.- In what American cities there's a very important parade on 17th March?

    5.- When was this parade first celebrated?

    6.- What president and in what year attended St Patrick's parade?

    7.- What is a Leprechaun?

    8.- What does it look like?

    10.- What do you have to do with the Blarney stone?

    11.- Where is the Blarney stone?

    12.- What four things do you have to do on St Patrick's Day?

    13.- What are the seven regions in Ireland?


With the information you've got now, write a REPORT on St Patrick and Irish traditions.


  1. Is there anything else you want to know about his life?
  2. Copy one toast and translate it.
  3. Copy one saying and translate it.
  4. Irish humour. What do you call an Irish man who can control his wife?
  5. Name five typical Irish meals.
  6. What are the ingredients for an Irish coffee?
  7. Send an E-card to a friend, or here
  8. Read this interactive Book of Facts
  9. Webquest: Dublin, here we go!
  10. Ready comprehension (easy)
  11. Worksheets
  12. Test how Irish you are.


For Children

  • Write your own St Patrick's Day story starring you. Follow the instructions.
     (When you've finished, you can print it and find the words you don't understand in the dictionary.)
  • Find the Pot of gold.
  • And much more... and more