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About Castellbisbal

  1. What river flows near Castellbisbal?
  2. What is the most important city of Catalonia?
  3. When do the oldest human remains date from?
  4. Whose castle gave name to our town?
  5. What happened in 1900?
  6. Name five places of intererest.
  7. How many people live here?
  8. Name eight typical recipes.
  9. What meal is prepared with eggs and milk among other ingredients?
  10. What ingredients are necessary to make Andalusian Gazpacho?
  11. What are the main music groups in town?
  12. When do young people sing "Caramelles"?
  13. What do people do in June and July?
  14. What four important companies are located here?
  15. What colours identify the different containers?
  16. How is the first recycling center called?
  17. What was Castellbisbal surrounded by?
  18. Name a traditional folklore group.
  19. What's a typical performance of Catalonia?
  20. Who cheer the "correfoc"?