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Farmhouses Treasure Hunt

Go to http://www.xtec.cat/~pmarti46/projects/ctbtour/places/farms.pps#256,1,Castellbisbal Farmhouses

and find the farmhouses which correspond to these pieces of information.

1. There are columns of the Roman times
2. Its owner put light to the streets of Castellbisbal
3. It was built between 995 and 1010
4. The train station was built there
5. Its owner is Mr Joan Mallo
6. There are semi-detached houses in there
7. There were found fossiles in its ground
8. It's a restaurant now
9. Its old building collapsed
10. What farmhouse is connected to the new Castellbisbal Football Club?
11. It's basilic-shaped
12. Where do all the priests of Castellbisbal live?
13. It's next to the riera de salzers
14. Now it belongs to the Town Hall
15. It was in the hill Torre Fossada
16. It was surrounded by vineyards and gardens
17. It was a small house near the river Llobregat
18. In Roman times it was a cemetery
19. It's a gothic farmhouse
20. A famous wedding changed its name
21. It's an addicted-to-drugs rehabilitation center
22. they used to export wine, oil and cereals