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Treasure Hunt The Simpsons Movie

1. How long does the movie last?
2. Where was it produced?
3. What company distributed it?
4. How much did it cost?
5. Who's the voice of Marge?
6. What movies did she make in 2004?
7. What does she look like?
8. Click on the Message Board Dissappointed and stunned Read it and reply.
9. What are the Simpsons doing in the photo?
10. What newspapers critics rate it as follows?C+, B-, B, A-, B+

Who said what?

1 "...The Simpsons Movie sweetly cradles one great American family." more..."Whoo-hoo!"
2 "...the laughs come fast and furious on the big screen."
3 "As much as I enjoyed the movie -- and I laughed all the way through it -- the truth is that the big screen adds nothing special to the Simpsons experience."
4 "...pretty funny."
5 "...very good for the first 30 minutes."
6 "...it's hard not to like it."
7 "A clever and spirited big-screen version of its better-known small-screen cousin."
8 "...full of the anarchic, generous, good-natured humor that is the show's enduring signature."