Photographic report of the Alterman Conference 2016


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José Vargas teaching Kähler calculus

Rafal Ablamowicz teaching the CLIFFORD package in the lab

During a session of the Summer School

Nikolay Marchuk lecturing at the Summer School

Pierre-Philippe Dechant during one of his talks

Rafal Ablamowicz during his talk

Lively discussion between Nikolay and José

Indian team from Manipal with Jose at Poiana Brasov

José joking during the Social dinner at Poiana Brasov

Marius Paun tells the life story of Vlad Tepes (Dracula).

Attendants at the Social dinner  (a few people were absent)

The following day early in the morning, more on Kähler calculus

Akifumi Sako during his talk

Oliver Conradt talking about projective algebra and geometry

Rodolfo Fiorini during his talk

Vadiraja Bhatta during his talk

At Peles castle



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In the queue at Peles castle

At the entrance of Bran castle

Last lunch and storm in Brasov