by Mayte C, Aitor C, Miguel Angel C, Sergio O, Sergio D and Cristian M 
To stop the effects of smoking weed you have to stop doing it completely. If not, you will become addicted and it will be very hard to stop.  Weed has many effects on your body and the worst part is that many of them are harmful.  It hurts your lungs, like smoking cigarettes.  Alcohol poisoning depends on the person.  Sometimes, the people who tolerate it become addicted and  people who can´t drink so much stop drinking early. 
    There are a lot of opinions about drugs and alcohol consumption.  Some people say that you can drink but not a lot and it doesn´t hurt.  Other people say that drink is very dangerous.
    Drugs are divided in two classes.  The are soft and hard drugs.  Soft drugs cause less addiction, though ciggarettes cause a lot.  Hard drugs cause more addiction that soft ones.  Soft drugs are cheap and less dificult to find.  Some examples of soft drugs are tobacco, hachis, marihuana.
     Tobacco and alcohol are legal drugs.  Alcohol is cheap and easy to find and it is the worst drug for your health, and it causes social problems.  Our society doesn´t accept drunkards.
When you take drugs your friends and your family tend to go away from you, but can also come near to you to help you. You may consume drugs because of bad friends or serious problems that affect  you. The people around you can help you to escape from drugs.

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