5th November 2000

Dear Paula,

Oh, how I missed being with you during the holidays this year! Everything in London is so different from Spain that I don't know if I'll ever get used to living here. I'm so glad that my father's job at the Spanish Embassy will only last until June. Then we will come home, and you and I can spend the summer on the beach. (I hope you'll spend your holiday in Spain, as usual.)

I've already made some very nice friends, but don't worry - no one could ever replace you as my best friend! After school, I sometimes go to my friend Fiona's house. She enjoys listening to the same music and watching the same clips that you and I like. In fact, Fiona and I have tickets for Bon Jovi's concert next month. I wish you were coming with us!

Life is very different here. Would you believe that we have to wear a uniform to go to school? It's awful! A blue skirt and blazer, a white blouse and a ridiculous checked tie, not to mention a pair of horrible, long, white socks. Besides, there is nothing to do in the evening. All the shops close by 4.30 p. m. and pubs are only open till 11 p. m.

That's all for now. I must start my homework for my English class tomorrow. The teacher wants us to write an informal letter to a friend and I don't even know where to begin! Please write soon and tell me all the news. I miss you.



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