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Lloret de Mar.

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Patchwork cicle superior

Patchwork is an American tradition that started with the first people who came from Europe. They found that the textil industry was starting and each piece of clothing was a small treasure for them. Each piece of clothing was recycled for a new use, even the most worn out were useful for stuffing.
Small geometrical figures were the basis for patchwork rhombs, triangles, rectangles and squares were cut and sewn to make bedspreads, curtains or pillows.
We took advantage of that hobby to help our students discover the possibilities some geometrycal figures apart from being in maths books.

Tallers Patchwork 2000

One art class from last year worked on Patchwork without needles. The star is one of the basic figure. It's made of 6 rhombs, or 12 equilateral triangles. If you pass the mouse through it, you'll be able to see them.

Patchwork Persuasion. Joen Wolfrom.

Another basic figure is the isosceles rectangle triangle. It's a square divided into two halves. It's used in many figures. One of the most common ones is the "bear print".

Can you discover equilateral triangles and isosceles ones in all these handicrafts?
Wait until the page is loaded and passing through with the mouse, you'll see them.

Patchwork Persuasion. Joen Wolfrom.

Full of stars!!!
These stars are made with rhombs and bigger triangles. Pass through them with the mouse!!

Patchwork Persuasion. Joen Wolfrom.

Would you like to see them closer ? The bear print is made of squares and isosceles triangles.

Patchwork Persuasion. Joen Wolfrom.

This seems to be made with curved lines, right?

Closely you'll see there aren't any curved lines.

Patchwork Persuasion. Joen Wolfrom.

Would you like to see these "circles" closer?
As you see there isn't any curved lines. All are squares and triangles.

Patchwork Persuasion. Joen Wolfrom.

Small cubes, stars and mixed cubes.

Patchwork Persuasion. Joen Wolfrom.

Do you know how this one was made to seem to have volume? Look at the piece in the middle, the ones on, under and next to it!!




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