Music and Nature is a didactic activity that shows us how to learn and understand what we, all the living things, have in common.

Web de Música is a space for learning and here we will discover through biology the great experience that life brings us in the relation between music and nature.

Our biologist says:

Communication is essential for life development, therefore every living thing communicates actively in someway.  A very frequent way of communication in the animal kingdom is sound, such as among insects, fishes, amphibian, birds and mammals.

Birds, nevertheless, have developed a type of communication pretty elaborate that allows them to share accurate information about themselves and their environment. The messages in their songs might seem us quite difficult to decode but, however, the listening, recognizing and learning process of these sounds can turn out to be surprising and amazing, not only from the naturalistic perspective but also from a musical point of view.

Eloïsa Matheu

Our composer says:
Music consists on the sensory learning of sound; this helps us to communicate as well as contributing to our well-being, in the sense of a placid and relaxed state of mind or impelling and returning vitality.
This didactic activity will show us that bird songs are quite close to ours, that birds learn how to sing as our children's choruses and that both birds and humans use rhythm, intervals and little melodies to dialogue between each other. Moreover, we know that a female will choose the best singing male to be her couple, among other reasons.

Carme Miró



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