Music in Internet can be listened from files called WAV , MIDI and MP3.

These are different sound formats . In order to be able to handle digital sound we have to use formats. Formats are different ways to save musical files.
WAVE format is Microsoft's standard way to manage sound files . Its extension is *wav . Its size is really too great to be used in Internet.
MIDI format is a standard communication language used by devices MIDI and computers.
CDA is the format used by Cds.
MP3 format is a compression format for sound and has *mp3 extension. Its samll size has made this format the most popular and commonly sent all over Internet community. This compression reduces its original size to one twelve. We must remember that compressed music files will never recover its original quality softer decompression.
CDDB is a sound data base for compact discs in Internet.

Specific software is needed to listen to the contents of these files . RealPlayer for *wav files, MusicTime for * mid and Winamp for * mp3.
In order to listen to these files we must download the specific software from the net; then open a folder in My documents using the name of the file format to be able to save files in your hard disk. This way, if we want to see the notes already written everything will be prepared. In the case of the Real Player, we will listen to music on line.

MP3 is a music files compressor that is able to reduce its size to one twelve part of original size , using CD quality. This makes a big difference. We already know that compression produces a loss of quality in Music comparing with a CD and an even worse with a direct performance. We also need a program to listen to Music files saved in this format.

MIDI is a language that transmits computer data that become sound. Electronic keyboards are musical instruments that make sound notes and in addition we can control music from the computer using a program called sequencer . The loudness is not very good and we immediately discover that there is a certain metallic loudness that makes us think that electronic instruments are present. A MIDI file is always a sound imitation, generally well accepted but quite different from music that we can listen from acoustic instruments. MIDI information is obtained by means of special cables of five ends that connect keyboards to computers. This the way MIDI archives are created and its small weigh make them easy to send through Internet. MIDI can be also generated from MusicTime program. Once the score is written you must save it in your hard disk, using the .Mid extension and then you will be able to send or receive it..
Please remember that Music in direct is always is the best experience to see singers in action and enjoy music performances.