In each page you will find the programs that you can download to make the musical proposals.

The information will give you the concepts to include better understand the proposals .

The proposals ideas will help you to experiment with the Music.
You can sail through the pages to find what you need .

In order to choose the different proposals you must always go to the page To Sail , and there you will find what you need, for example, to download programs, or to choose the options that offer the information you want to find.








1) Listen to a Gregorian melody, romantic, contemporaneous , from the Renaissance or baroque, ....
2) Listen carefully to major and minor intervals. Then try to to guess them. You can practice using Earmaster program.
3) Look for mp3 archives Download them into a folder and then listen its contain using Winamp.
5) Listen to electro acoustic music from German composer K. Stockhausen.
6) Write one melody with Musictime program. Next listen for a long time to this melody with percussion and wind instruments and decide which one you prefer.
7) Listen to child songs. You will find a connection in the page sail.
8) If you have your electronic keyboard connected to the computer, play a song. Open Musictime program on you screen. You will see simultaneously what you are playing in the keyboard reproduced in the screen with figures and notes .
9) Look for concerts and listen to Music in direct.
To Sail